Movies: Watch the trailer for Disney’s “Tomorrowland”


“Tomorrowland” is a Disney movie that hasn’t yet been realesed but, you might be thinking, “Hey, I’ve heard that before”. And, yes, you probably have. If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you have been to Tomorrowland, an area in the Magic Kingdom park dedicated to the future. Or, in other words, the land of tomorrow.

The idea came after the success of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, a movie franchise staring Johnny Depp, that was also based-off a theme park ride. Damon Lindelof, who you might recognise as the writer of HBO’s “The Leftovers”, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Lost” and “Crossing Jordan”, decided to take this and turn it into something new: another ride-based movie, starring an A-list Hollywood star. That’s how “Tomorrowland” was born.

The movie, which is set to be released May 22nd 2015 in the US, follows a former boy-genius inventor and a super curious teenager who end up on a mission to learn all there is to know about a place that’s somewhere in time and space and that exists in their collective memory.

The man, Frank Walsh, is played by no one other than George Clooney, whom I don’t feel I need to introduce. The teenager, Casey Newton, is played by Britt Robertson, whom you might not have recognized. Britt is best known for “Under The Dome”, “The Secret Circle”, “The First Time”, “Scream 4″, “Life Unexpected”, “Triple Dog” and “Avalon High”.

In the movie, you’ll also find Judy Greer (13 Going on 30, Love & Other Drugs, Two and a Half Man), Kathryn Hahn (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, We’re The Millers), Hugh Laurie (House M.D.) and Tim McGraw (The Blind Side).

Finally, the movie was directed by Brad Bird, who has directed movies from “The Incredibles” to “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

And, right now, you can watch the very first trailer. And become filled with curiosity, like I was.

Fall Season – TV Show Review: Happyland


MTV’s “Happyland” is the festival of the clichés. And I love it. It’s an upbeat, super-dramatic TV show that caters to my romantic, drama-loving part. It’s not an Emmy winner, but it’s definetly what I want after getting home from a whole day in school. It’s simple, it’s sweet and it’s fun.

The show follows Lucy (Bianca Santos), whose mother (Camille Guaty) works as a princess in the Happyland theme park. Lucy is stuck in-between reality and fantasy, while dealing with the things every teenager needs to deal with. Finding out who you want to be, falling in love, fighting with friends…

Bianca Santos is someone I personally recognized as Lexi Rivera from ABC Family’s “The Fosters”. She’s also going to be in two upcoming projects. Firstly, “Ouija”, a horror movie that premieres in a couple weeks in the US, where she co-stars with Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel), Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl) and Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). She’s also going to be in “The DUFF”, with Bella Thorne (Shake It Up), Mae Whitman (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), Robbie Amell (Star-Crossed), Allison Janney (Mom, Masters of Sex), Ken Jeong (The Hangover) and Skyler Samuels (The Nine Lives of Chloe King).

Camille Guaty, who plays the mom, was in two episodes of “Hart of Dixie” and two of “The Vampire Diaries”, but is mostly known for “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”.

Ian Chandler, Lexi’s possible love interest and (spoiler alert) half-brother, is played by Shane Harper. Shane was in “Awkward”, “God’s Not Dead” and “Good Luck Charlie”.

Lexi’s best friend, Harper, is played by Katherine McNamara from “Girl Vs. Monster”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Contest” and others. She’s also set to appear in “Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn”, with “The Fosters” star Jake T. Austin.

Kat is set to appear in “Alumnus” alongside Cameron Moulène, who plays her boyfriend, Will in “Happyland”! Cameron also was the teenage version of Garret Dillahunt in “Raising Hope”!

Lastly, Ryan Rottman from “90210”, “The Lying Game”, “Gigantic” and “The Housebunny” plays Ian’s brother Theodore! Ryan currently dates model Jessica Vargas, but you might remember him as Victoria Justice’s ex. Or Brittany Snow’s, you pick!

Happyland is set for a season of 8, half-hour long episodes and we’ll set what happens to it after that!

Fall Season – TV Show Review: How To Get Away With Murder


“How to Get Away with Murder” is one of the top hits this fall season and it’s been my favorite so far. The show is incredbily well written, directed, acted, edited and so on. There’s absolutely nothing about HTGAWM that I didn’t like.

The show follows a law professor (Annalise Keating) and a few of her students who get involved in a murder plot that changes everything. And the show builds this up mixing two times, two moments and two things. With flash-backs and creepy scenes, the show is sure to get your attention. It’s that kind of show that will leave you always waiting for more.

When it comes to the people involved, the show is also a hit. Firstly, the show is produced by Shonda Rhimes, who is best known for Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, two ABC hits. Secondly, it is written (mostly) by Peter Norwalk, who happened to create the show and to have worked with Shonda in both shows I listed!  There’s also a writing credit for Rob Fresco, who wrote 4 episodes of “Touch”, 6 episodes of “Heroes” and more!

There’s no fixed director but, according to IMDB, there have been/will be episodes directed by Randall Zisk (Scandal, The Mentalist, Monk), Michael Offer (Last Resort, Homeland), Mike Listo (Boston Public, Boston Legal, 90210) and Bill D’Elia (Grey’s Anatomy, The Crazy Ones, The West Wing, Chicago Hope).

Next up: Actors! Viola Davies, who is best known as Abileen Clark in “The Help” and was nominated for two oscars, plays Professor Annalise Keating! Her students are played by Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter Series!), Jack Falahee (Charlie McBride in Twisted), Aja Naomi King (Cassandra Kopelson in Emily Owens, M.D.), Matt McGorry (John Bennett in Orange is The New Black) and Karla Souza (Mostly known for Mexican productions).

Besides that, we’ve got Katie Findlay (The Carrie Diaries, The Killing), Charlie Weber (Gacy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Liza Weil (Bunheads, Scandal, Gilmore Girls), Tom Verica (Zodiac) and Billy Brown (Star Trek, Sons of Anarchy).

All in all, “How To Get Away with Murder” is a show you definetly cannot miss. Seriously.

TV Show Review: Resurrection (Season 1)


Yesterday, I finished the eight episodes that form the first season of Resurrection. The show aired March 9th 2014 and is based on the book “The Returned” by Jason Mott. It’s an ABC show and it’s been compared to the french show “Les Revenants”.

The plotline follows a town in Missouri, Arcadia, where people starting coming back from the dead. Everything else is a spoiler and, since that was all I knew before starting the show, that’s all I will tell you.

I am a big fantasy/sci-fi fan and I really loved the plotline even before I started watching it and, I must say, I was definetly not disappointed. The show is amazing. It’s honestly the kind of show that will keep you craving for more. And the last episode kept me literally on the edge of my seat.

When it comes to actors, you might recognize Agent Bellamy as Dr. Eric Foreman from “House M.D.” and Omar Epps is great in both shows, just as he was in his 10 episode participation in “E.R.” and in the movies he’s done.

Newcomer Landon Gimenez, who is only 11, is also AMAZING on the show and his acting as Jacob Langston, who’s one of the main characters (if not the main character) is surreally good.

Matt Craven (Crimson Tide, X-Men:First Class, Disturbia, A Few Good Man), Devin Kelley (Chernobyl Diaries, The Chicago Code, Anchors), Mark Hildreth (Dragon Ball Z, Pirates of The Caribben: At World’s End, Barbie of Swan Lake), Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show, RoboCop, Dead Poets Society, Rambo III), Frances Fisher (Titanic, Unforgiven, House of Sand and Fog, The Lincoln Lawyer), Samaire Armstrong (It’s a Boy Girl Thing, Just My Luck, The O.C.), Sam Hazeldine (The Raven, The Monuments Men), Kathleen Munroe (Call Me Fitz) and Lori Beth Sikes (Get Low) all have significant roles and are all doing a great job.

The second season of the show premires this sunday, the 28th!

Pilot Review: Red Band Society


As I said, I will be doing reviews of the pilots I watch this fall season. And next on my list is “Red Band Society”, which I actually watched when the episode came out online and not yesterday, when it was on TV.

The show is based on “Polseres vermelles”, a catalan TV show and it tells the story of a group of teens in a hospital. It’s sort of a high school show, only it’s not in a high school and all the characters are very sick.

When it comes to actors, the first name that comes to my mind is Octavia Spencer. She won the Academy Award for “The Help” and she stunned in that movie and, now, she’s stunning in “Red Band Society”!

Dave Annable plays Dr. Jack McAndrew that, as you probably figured out, is a doctor at the hospital. You may recognize him from “Brothers & Sisters”, “666 Park Avenue” or “What’s Your Number?”

Ciara Bravo, from “Big Time Rush”, plays Emma Chota, a girl who suffers from a very bad eating disorder. So bad that she has to stay in the hospital all the time.

Charlie Rowe plays Leo Roth, but you might not recognize him since, as a cancer patient, he’s bald. And he doesn’t have legs. Charlie’s been on “The Golden Compass” and “Never Let Me Go”, among other works.

Nolan Sotillo, from “Prom”, plays Jordi Palacio, a boy who crosses the border from Mexico to California to try to get Dr. McAndrew to treat him. He’s also got cancer.

Zoe Levin, from “Palo Alto” and “The Way Way Back”, plays Kara Souders, a very mean cheerleader who was supposed to be at the hospital only for a broken arm. But that’s not how it ends up working and Kara has to stay. (Why? You’ll have to watch and find out)

Griffin Gluck, from “Just Go With It” and “Private Practice”, plays Charlie, a boy in a coma who also happens to narrate the show.

Finally, there’s Astro, who you might recognize from “The X-Factor” and who did “Earth to Echo”. He plays Dash Hosney, another patient, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

I gotta say, I fell in love with “Red Band Society”. The pilot is sweet and it has just the right amount of everything. The right amount of drama, of romance, of cute scenes and of tears.

This is a show I’ll watch religiously every single week and a show I’ll pray every night never gets cancelled. It’s amazing and I absolutely recommend you go watch it. Now.

Pilot Review: Selfie


As the fall season comes, I have decided to review all the episodes I watch. And, even though ABC’s “Selfie” only comes out on September 30th, the pilot was released online and I have watched it!

First things first: what is “Selfie” about? Well, as the name states, it’s about selfies. But it’s not just that. The show follows a girl who’s VERY obsessed with social media and who suddenly realizes she has no real friends and that she’s, well, she’s a horrible person. So, she asks this guy from her office (who doesn’t like her very much) to re-brand her, since that’s what he does for the company and he seems to be very good at it.

The show stars Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of The Galaxy) and John Cho (Sleepy Hollow, Go On, FlashForward). And, as a Doctor Who fan, I couldn’t stop myself from watching the promo when it first came out.

As I watched the video, I kept thinking “This could rock. But it could also suck” and I also kept thinking that there’s a very high chance it’ll get cancelled. Still, when I saw that the pilot was already available, I ran to it.

The show honestly surprised me positevely. The jokes were funny, the acting was good and it wasn’t as predictable as I thought it’d be (but still very predictable). The only thing was that most of the episode is covered in the promo, so there weren’t many new informations (if you haven’t watched the promo, don’t do it. Just watch the episode).

All in all, I liked it. A lot, actually. And I’m sticking to it. And, if it happens to get cancelled, I’ll just cry.

TV Shows: “Faking It” adds 2 new characters for season 2!


According to Just Jared Jr, Yvette Monreal is playing Reagan, who they describe as “a hip, edgy lesbian with a rebellious streak. She’s a cater-waiter by day and DJ by night who is fiercely out and proud and independent with a husky voice and sexy confidence who supports herself and her music career with odd jobs.”. Yvette is best known for her roles in “Matador” and “Chutes”. 

Keith Powers is playing Theo, who JJJ describes as “a friend of Liam’s who is full of Texas swagger. He’s a laid-back guy’s guy who enjoys working on cars, playing pool and making girls blush. He’ll also spark with Lauren”. He appeared in one episode of “Pretty Little Liars” and had a role in “House Party: Tonight’s the Night”

Earlier today, it was also announced that Laverne Cox, who is a known LGBT advocate, will make a special appearance on the show during season 2!

The second season of MTV’s “Faking It” is currently filming and the first episode airs September 23rd! 

Do you watch “Faking It”?